Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Family

"I'm Mae 31 years old, my husband named Jhun, with 3 kids named Aira Ma. Charisse, Jeramae, and Harrold. Jhun is so understanding with me, every morning he cook for me. Sometimes he always anger with me,because he is older than me with 7 years, he always think that I can find another guy that same as my age. For me I accept him as my husband, when I was young I promise my self that if I had a family it will never be a "Broken Family.

My Top 10 Blogs

Here are my entries to the Top 10 Most Influential Blogs of 2008

1. want the food of davao

2. like design

3. about love

4. their features

5. enjoy reading their story

6. tip saving a money

7. ko lang

8. games to know

9. love gardening

10. like manila food